First to Review and 2 other badges This is James he is the owner operator of this business I never thought there would be an honest mechanic till I ran into him. I went to the Chevrolet dealer and they gave me a list of things to do my bill was over $4000. It blew my mind I've always serviced and maintained my car to the manufactures recommendation. I took it to Oakmont auto care for a second opinion. To my surprise The only thing my car needed was some brakes and oil change and a simple tuneup. And I was out of there for quarter the price I'm back on the road without skipping a beat. I would like to recommend him to all people!

Gabe, thank you for your business. I look forward to working on your cars at my shop now. I think it’s pretty awesome once I left my previous job that you continued to bring me your business. It is much appreciated. Can’t wait to work on that 1000 hp Camaro again

- Oakmont Auto Care