When Should You Replace Your Clutch?

Automobiles have many moving parts, and the clutch is one of those essential parts that keep your car moving. While most people dread transmission-related repairs, a clutch repair is unavoidable at a certain point in your vehicle’s life. 


So, What Does the Clutch Do?

The clutch is responsible for the power transfer between your engine to the wheels. Some cars have a clutch pedal, which you’ve probably heard of before. When you press on the pedal, it allows you to change gears in manual transmissions. And when you release your foot off of it, you’re engaged in the gear you’ve selected. 


With the clutch keeping your car in gear, you’re able to maintain a certain level of power when driving. Over time, this part goes through a lot of stress which leads to the part wearing off. Below are some of the top signs that indicate your clutch needs repair:

  1. Soft Clutch Pedal - The clutch pedal typically feels firm when your press down. If it starts feeling soft or spongy, it means that you may have air stuck in the system. 
  2. Slipping Gears - The clutch is always supposed to disengage when your apply pressure to the pedal. If your clutch slips when you try to change gears, it is a huge indicator that the plate is worn down. 
  3. Grinding Sounds - A grinding noise is very common when it comes to worn clutches. It typically occurs when you’re trying to change gears. 
  4. Burning Smell - If you’re constantly hard on your clutch or switching between gears, there’s a good chance that your clutch will emit a burning smell. It is a result of the clutch overheating.

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