Types of Car Fluid Leaks

While many of the fluids that leak out of your car are normal, there are some that might cause problems. Here, we'll go over the many automotive fluids that can cause your automobile to leak

Oil Spill

An oil leak is usually indicated by a dark puddle or smear. Oil leaks are most typically seen in the oil pan and in engine gaskets. If you have an oil leak that is coming from under your automobile, it signifies that your gasket is leaking and has to be replaced.

A coolant leak

Coolant, also known as antifreeze, is most likely to be leaking from your car if it is a neon green, orange, or pink color. Modern cars are much more designed to keep coolant from leaking, so if your car is leaking coolant, you may have an issue with the vehicle itself.

Leaking transmission fluid

If you see a pink or red stain or pool under your car, it is quite likely that your transmission fluid is leaking. To avoid any transmission problems, it's critical that you get your vehicle's transmission inspected and evaluated for replacement.

A Gear Oil Leak

If you notice a large amount of oil dripping from your automobile, it could be an indication of a gear oil leak caused by a faulty gasket or transmission. Instead of pouring out as a liquid, this sticky substance frequently attaches to the side of the car.

Power steering fluid leak

A leak in the power steering fluid is more likely to cause a puddle with a transmission fluid-like odor. The engine bay is the most common location for these leaks. This leak might be detected by the fact that your vehicle's steering may be shaky.

Leak in the Brake Fluid

It's most likely that a brake fluid leak, indicated by a bright leak and a fish oil-like odor, is the source of your vehicle's braking problems. If you have a leak in your car, you should not drive it until you have it fixed.

An issue with the wiper fluid

Cleaner fluid from your wipers can be seen as a vivid blue or pink puddle. In most cases, the wiper tubes are to blame for these leaks.

In the event that any of these leaks are discovered in your vehicle, please come to Oakmont Auto Care for a thorough inspection.