The Ultimate Guide to Save Money on Gas

Fuel can be a painful expense for many Americans, particularly those who spend most of their day on the road. It also doesn't help that the gas prices keep on hiking up. Most people will have their approach on how to maximize their fuel efficiency. Some attribute their savings to where they purchase their gas, while others make fuel-efficient decisions behind the wheel. While there is countless advice that people may give, here are some tips to save gas in Walnut Creek, CA:


Purchasing Behavior

Be a member of a gas station rewards program. National gasoline chains offer incentivizing programs that can give you discounted gas. Some programs are free of charge, while some might require you to start a credit card. Either way, these programs will yield you high savings in the long run.


Compare gas prices. Nowadays, some apps and websites allow you to check gas prices at various stations near you. An excellent app for scouting out the lowest price is Gasbuddy. These resources use your current location and can filter out the lowest prices in your area. The real-time prices are uploaded by other app or site users like you. 


Driving Habits

Drive slower and at a steady pace.  Don't be tempted to accelerate every second you get. Instead, drive at a slower and consistent speed. Especially on the highway, try to utilize cruise control to maximize your MPG.


Minimize the use of your HVAC system. Blasting cold or hot air is a significant factor that affects your gas consumption. It can significantly decrease your fuel efficiency if it is constantly running. Try to limit the use of AC or heat and roll down the windows when the weather is permitting.


Empty out your trunk. Items that weigh a considerable amount are not recommended to be stored for long in your car because they burn up your gas. Only carry your essential items when driving, and lighten your load.


Car Maintenance

Keep your vehicle tires properly inflated. Your tires are a huge contributor to your fuel consumption. They are expected to deflate over time with usage, weather, and abrasive road conditions. Be sure to frequently inspect the condition of your wheels and top them off with air when needed. 


Start saving money on gas now by implementing these practices into your routine. Furthermore, you should take your vehicle into an auto shop for regularly scheduled maintenance to optimize your fuel economy.Give us a call or visit Oakmont Auto Care today!