Is it Time for an Alignment? 5 Ways to Tell

While the steering wheel does control the direction your vehicle moves in, if the road is smooth and straight, your car should still continue to drive straight. If the alignment is off, you may have to manhandle the steering wheel to keep your vehicle from veering off. Improper wheel alignment doesn't just compromise the integrity of the suspension system; it's a significant safety hazard. An alignment service is a cost-effective maintenance task that reduces the need for expensive auto repairs in the future. Below are five ways to determine if your vehicle is overdue for a wheel alignment. 

The steering wheel is vibrating. 

Misaligned wheels will cause your steering wheel to work harder to keep your vehicle moving straight. If a wheel isn't centered, the steering wheel will vibrate or hum. A vibrating steering wheel can be due to various issues; keep an eye out for any additional signs of an alignment issue. 

Your car pulls to one side of the road.  

If the road is smooth and you let go of your steering wheel, a properly aligned vehicle will continue to drive straight. If your car pulls to one side, it's time for an alignment. If it pulls to one side more than the other, the alignment issue may be more prevalent on the side the vehicle pulls towards the most.  

The steering wheel is crooked. 

If you're forced to hold the steering wheel at a crooked angle, the wheels may be misaligned. A steering wheel that's off-center even a little can indicate a severe alignment issue.  

The tires are squealing. 

If the alignment is off, the suspension may also be suffering. Your tires may squeal if the wheel's toe or camber angles need to be adjusted. 

The tires are wearing unevenly. 

Checking your vehicle's tire tread is an easy way to determine if the alignment is off. Tires that are adequately aligned will wear evenly around each tire. If you notice the tread is feathering or uneven, it may be time to schedule an alignment service. 

Wheel Alignment Service in Walnut Creek, CA 

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