​​Don't Buy the Car Until You Have It Inspected!

Buying a pre-owned car from people you don't know can be a little unsettling. The car's appearance may look fantastic, but how do you know whether the inside is just as great? They may tell you all the great things that their vehicle has to offer, but what about the bad? There's no doubt that you may have missed a thing or two, no matter how close you looked at. This is how a pre-purchase inspection from Oakmont Auto Care may benefit you. 


Cars are a considerable investment, and you don't want to end up forking out hundreds or thousands repairing a vehicle you just bought. A pre-purchase inspection allows prospective buyers (and even sellers) to establish full transparency in the transaction. Whenever you bring a used car into our Walnut Creek auto shop for this service, our professional team will conduct a comprehensive multi-point inspection and test all the important systems for their function. Then, we can even take it for a test drive. At the end of it all, we put together a detailed report for you that will include all the conditions of the automobile's significant parts. If the vehicle needs repairs immediately or soon, we will also disclose that information.


When you understand the ins and outs of the vehicle you are supposedly going to buy, you'll be able to make an informed and comfortable decision on whether it is suitable to purchase. If you're the buyer, you will have the upper hand when it comes to negotiating the price. And if you're the seller, it shows that you're credible and trusted. 


If you are looking for honest pre-purchase inspections in Walnut Creek, CA, and surrounding areas, please feel free to give us a call or visit today!