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Signs Of A Bad Alternator

It’s summer, and you’ve done all you can to keep your vehicle cool and effectively functioning. So, it comes as a surprise when you turn on your car and notice some of the electrical components aren’t working. When this happens, most people may think of their car battery. The alternator is one major part that can lead to several failing parts. The alternator, along with the battery, ensures that your vehicle starts and continues working successfully. Signs of a bad alternator will usually announce themselves pretty quickly.  The alternator is an essential aspect of your vehicle because it converts energy from the running engine into electrical energy. This electrical energy works to keep your vehicle’s electrical systems functioning and keeps the battery charged. It’s called an alternator because it creates an alternating current that reverses direction periodically. Alternating current was introduced to vehicles around the 1960s and has stuck around ... read more

Should the Drive-In Movie Theater Make a Comeback?

With the world in a health crisis, businesses that once worked yesterday no longer work today. New restrictions are in place, and businesses have no choice but to adapt. Covid-19 destroyed many industries. The movie theater is one industry that suffered the most damage. Hearts broke around the country as big-name industries such as AMC and Cineworld had to close its doors.  As restrictions begin to lift, movie buffs are left wondering about the future of their big-screen date nights. Pandemics don't go away overnight, and restrictions for social distancing may last for at least the foreseeable future. Some large movie studios have chosen to release new films directly to digital platforms for customers to enjoy. Let's face it; no one truly enjoyed that $20 popcorn. However, watching a movie at home doesn't replace the IMAX screen, the energy of the audience, or the experience of being in a new environment. With new guidelines in place, should we take a trip down memory ... read more