My Approach

I’m painfully aware that nobody visits me in a happy state of mind; that if you like cars as much as I do, you know enough about them to do the work yourself. If you aren’t a car-nut, though, you’d rather not think about your car, and you take it infor service or repair only when it’s necessary, and then… you do it grumpily and with great suspicion about the honesty of the business. I understand all of that. My father has a roofing business Meier & Sons Roofing, and nobody trusts roofers, either. Well…my dad’s an honest roofer, and I’m an honest car mechanic. I say that NOT meaning to disparage any others, but just to address the elephant in the room.

When I say “Honest,” this is what I mean:


  1. I tell the truth, I don’t exaggerate, I don’t prey on your ignorance. If ONE thing is wrong or broken with your car, I will not magically produce another problem with it just to pad the bill.


  1. If I find another problem, I’ll tell you what it is and how I discovered it.


If you can go another 1,000 or 10,000 miles without a fix, you’ll know it. If I say the fix is urgent, you can trust that it is. I will never scare you into throwing money at your car unnecessarily.

Our Story

I started working in a shop in concord when I was 14 years old. I cleaned, took out the trash and did all the things that nobody else wanted to do. I am a motivated individual. I was always asking my boss if I could come in early or work late. I wanted to earn money. I worked my way up the ranks and later moved to work in another shop. I wanted to get a feel of how the business is run and from more than one person. So I could eventually run my own place someday. I learned, worked at a hand full of different places before I had finally made myself debt free and able to use the money saved to open my own shop.


Meet James Meier

I am James, I am the owner, service writer, mechanic, and janitor. I take pride in my shop. Knowing that I always will go above and beyond my customers expectations. I will always do my 120% to get the job done right the first time and not have an unhappy customer.

I do not like that most people have had at least one bad experience dealing with an automotive repair "Professional", but all are not EQUAL. There is a lot of "less than adaquate mechanics" I choose not to be one. I regularly do schooling to keep up with the ever changing Auto Industry. Especially with the vast changes in electrical systems based in the cars.


James Albert Meier

Owner, Service Writer, Technician.

I am a young business owner. I saved and opened my shop all on my own without any help or credit. I paid for everything up front to keep monthly costs down that way. I can provide my customers with a less expensive Labor Rate ( I am one of the least expensive shops within a few miles)